This photo is proof that someone not too far from here is a GENUINE REDNECK!

The picture was taken near Welch Oklahoma. Oklahoma is, of course, just Baja Kansas.

Notice the cowboy boot nailed to the porch. What is the license plate for? To keep the rain out of the boot?

Hmmm….most peculiar. Okay Elvis, start the guitar!


Filed under AMERICANA, History, Humor, Kansas, Oklahoma, Rock and Roll

5 responses to “ELVIS SIGHTING!

  1. The cowboy boot is a precious item. You must do whatever it takes to protect it.

  2. this man is an imposter !

    the real elvis is living in the north east of England 😆


  3. Noel

    Man, what a surprise driving back from Miami, OK to Bartlesville—-thank goodness there is a detour on Hwy 60.

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