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Vision Of Rassan

Little wooden ships, crossing the ocean…..

About Roland Kirk

The Vision Of Rassan: Roll On Kirk :

This is my, My dedication
A song to a father, From one to another
One to another, A brother to a brother
Cast your mind back, To black Africa
Little wooden ships, Crossing the ocean
Little wooden ships, Lending on the shoreline
The name of the place Lord, Is New-Orleans
Remember Jelly Roll Morton, Later Charlie Bird Parker
Travel to the north, With Charlie Bird Parker
People goin’ insane, With John Coltrane
But can you dig on his Name now?
I said it’s Roland Kirk Make them work, Make them work, Roland Kirk yeah
Make them work, Make them work, Roland Kirk yeahWatch him move, Every movement speaks now
He does his little thangs, And he stomps He moan, and moan and blowsMake them work, Make them work, Roland Kirk yeah
Make them work, Make them work, Roland Kirk yeah….


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HARVESTING an attitude of loving tolerance.

PATIENT and kind.

LIVING fully in each moment, even in the face of adversity.

PROTECTING and building trust with, those around you.

HELPING those who cannot do for themselves.

APPRECIATING the fact that you CAN help.

DOING the next right thing, especially at your own expense.


ENVIOUS, bragging and proud.

BELITTLING others, or seeking to make yourself look better than them.

RECEIVING what you want. Losers suffer from self-will run riot.

ANGRY and vengeful, holding grudges against others.

WEALTH of material things, or even the appearance of such.


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The Black Man’s Eric Burden


CHILDREN and GARAGE BANDS, do not attempt this.

(WARNING: not for country music fans)

This should only done by serious professionals who have SOUL.

The last time white people attempted this in the wrong setting, they self-destructed!

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