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I Have a Dream / Give Me Your Hand




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An Epiphany

  • an appearance or manifestation, especially of a deity.
  • sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.
  • initiated by some simple or commonplace occurrence or experience.

“I was six when I saw that everything was God, and my hair stood up, and all,” Teddy said.  “It was on a Sunday, I remember.  My sister was a tiny child then, and she was drinking her milk, and all of a sudden I saw that she was God and the milk was God.  I mean, all she was doing was pouring God into God, if you know what I mean.  ~J.D. Salinger


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Prayers for Joplin Missouri

Please pray for all the people affected by this terrible event. My Daughter and Grandchildren survived this, but so far at least 89 others have died. Joplin is about 60 miles from where I live, and we are getting severe storms here at Parsons, Kansas as I write.

Although God may not intervene in our affairs, his people are certainly here to help.

My Daughter Shawn’s house is missing one wall, and both of their vehicles are destroyed. More storms are headed their way. I will post more information when I can.

I can only think of one thing to say here, the shortest scripture: JESUS WEPT. 

Joplin Missouri, May 22nd


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ZASU, our friendly MODERATOR rates this video PG!


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ARKANSAS by The Ozark Alliance

Please forgive the amatuer nature of this video, as it is the first one that I personally have made. Also notice that I have added a page: BLUEGRASS. I’ll be adding to that page when the notion strikes me.

The pictures are from Katy Days 2010 at Parsons Kansas, and I hope to see the Vaughn family return and play for us again!

Alex on lead vocals, guitar & mandolin
Jenny on harmony and fiddle
Robin on harmony and bass
Dennis on banjo.

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ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ The Unknown Hillbillies

Once again, some 100 year old postcards with no information on back except some names. For this card, I’m guessing the names are of the dogs. Unless Lila is dressed like a boy.

Lila & Burleigh

Lila & Burleigh

That’s a rather large doghouse for those two little pups! I wonder if the doghouse belongs to the dog below, who is possibly the momma dog?

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

 Same family? Hmm? Maybe that is the two older boys, Henry and Chas here, that are with the two pups in the upper picture.

If you recognize these boys and pups….



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