This photo is of my Mother’s family. Probably taken around 1950. Mother is second from left, white shirt. If Grandpa looks old, that’s because he was old. A Blacksmith by trade, I believe he was born in 1878. I’m surprised he didn’t have his Bible under one arm.


All the girls names start with a ‘B’. Left to right; Bonnie, Bernice, Betty, Billy, Barbara, Bertha (Bert), and front standing, Bonita. The grandparents are William “Bill” Andrews and Hester. Hester had been married once before, two children not shown; Lester and Neva.



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25 responses to “THE ANDREWS SISTERS of Valeda

  1. All history is about people and family photographs bring it all to life, just like this.

    Very interesting that the girls were all named like that. I wonder what the anthropologists can make of it?

  2. So granny was the odd one out.

  3. Zee

    Beautiful Family! Mom and Pop Andrews were very unique and I loved them both!

  4. Arvon

    Howdy sister Zee!

  5. Ann

    Fabulous photo Sekan. When I get my scanner to WORK properly I’ll send you mine.

    I hope all is well .



    I grew up a couple of miles west of the Andrews and went to LCCHS with three of them. They are fondly remembered.

    C Adamson

    • It’s so nice of you to take the time to comment here. I have fond memories of grandma’s house in Valeda.

    • Roger Marvel

      I,m on of the Marvels. went thru eight grades (with Bertha Andrews) then LCCHS four more. Remember fondly the ones mentioned in these responses. Hope to see some at the Old Settlers Reunion last Friday in September. Roger Marvel

      • Chris Wilkes

        Where is the reunion held?

      • Billy Jack

        Looking forward to seeing all the VALEDA kids at the reunion. Betty Neville and I am in charge this year and the doors will open at 4:30 and the pot luck dinner is at 6;00. Table service, ice tea and coffee are served. Hoping all the Jack kids will be there, as some of you may or may not know. Ronnie and Lucille are no longer with us.

        Billy Jack

  7. F. Nickel

    Last day of school 1939, I was a first grader walking home 2.5 miles unsure if I was promoted. One of the Andrew sisters saw my sadness, looked at my grade card and assured me I’d passed. Rest of the walk was much happier.
    F. Nickel
    formerly of Valeda, KS

  8. Chris Wilkes

    Where in Valeda did they live. I live in Valeda now on the corner of Howard and 3rd. I also own the house next door that used to be the church parsonage. I would love to learn more about the history of Valeda.

  9. jerry bowin

    Did Valeda have a store, or any business at all?

    • It had a store and a gas station.

      • Wendell Jack

        At one time Valeda had a bank, lumber yard. grain elevator, creamery, 3 gas stations, 3 grocery stores, 2 or 3 auto repair shops ( one my uncles), barber, and I think a night club. By the 50’s only a PO, grocery, elevator and 2 service stations—today none.

  10. Billy Jack

    Before we moved across the street, we lived the first house east of Andrews, Bonita and I went thru 12 years of school together and she was a very special friend. Before we started school we played together and when our mothers washed on Mondays they hung all the clothes on lines outside. Bonita would make me play “shopping” with her and we would walk around her mothers clothes lines and she would “buy” all the pretty dresses her older sisters had on the line.
    Valeda was a special place to grow up, we had 8 kids, Adrews 9 (counting Lester and Neva), Childress’s had 9, and Marvel’s 5. Needless to say we had the largest 4 H club in the county, “The Valeda Lucky 13”.

  11. Carmaletta Morrow Bozman

    Does anyone know where the name Valeda came from?

    • Roger Marvel

      According to my grandfather John W Marvel told to me as a Kid. The town was named after a girl named Theta Valeda Gray who was from a prominent local family.
      The towns of Valeda and Angola were formed when the railroads came thru the country settled before that time. The original town in that area was Deertown located on the north six and one half acres of the west 80 of the Marvel farm. I have read the abstract on the farm detailing the sale of the lots . As a kid I could see the basement of the town hall and where the city well had been. The town disappeared overtime as the new towns formed .
      My cousin Mary Lee Sanders has an old state map showing Deertown before Valeda and Angola were there .
      Roger Marvel

  12. Went to LCCHS with Bonita four years,great girl.

  13. cHARLES

    Charles Adamson: I recommend small book about George Martin. One of the many Valeda Martins. He had a long career as a cattle buyer. You will be reminded of a lot of people in your past. Call Bob Roberts, west of Veleda and he can probable tell you where to get it.

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