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Hello again. I hope to be back writing soon. For all of the people that are still following this blog, GOD BLESS YOU!

In the past couple of years I’ve had no time to read, write, or even think for myself, however,  a  lot has changed in the last couple of days and hopefully I will be able to share more of my thoughts, observations and even original writings. I might even be able to pick up where my last short story left off. If you remember Sarge’s salvation, then you have followed this blog for a long time. Thank you.

For all the people who “lead from the middle” and you know who you are… are truly the Buddhas of the world, you just don’t realize that you are. The fact that you don’t realize your own divinity makes you who you are.

Practice Ressurection


November 6, 2013 · 8:27 pm