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The Sparrow

I thought this card was appropriate for this year’s election season.

It’s also not party specific, so apply the little poem to whomever you despise the most! The card is actually the size of a business card, and I believe it to be around 100 years old. There are no markings to identify the printer, author or date, but I assume it’s that old because it was with a box of postcards that are 100 years old. The paper has the look, feel and color of the old postcards.

I did a quick internet search of the poem and came up with zero results. If anyone has heard or seen this before, please leave a comment to satisfy my curiosity.


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Antique Postcards ~ Fatherless Children of France, World War One

This card is dated 1918, and World War 1 had created approximately 3 million widows and 10 million orphans. Europe was in ruins, but the United States homeland remained completely unaffected, with a booming economy and the good times of the roaring twenties on the way. Obviously, this card is sent to let someone know that you donated to a charity for French orphans, in their name. What a wonderful gift!

Any Parsonions related to Mrs. Stella Lynd, 2718 Main?

For more about The Fatherless Children Of France; http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=940DEFDD133FE433A25755C0A9679C946996D6CF 


Click the photo below to read the entire book of letters from orphans to their American benefactors. The book is ‘public domain’ from google.

The book above is priceless. Sweet, cute, and heartbreaking all wrapped up in one.

The true spririt of Christmas, COMPASSION.

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Postcard from Iwo Jima foxhole – WW2

Iwo Jima 1

The text of this card is printed below.  After some research, I believe Emery put the wrong year on this card. It should be 1945. ~ sekanblogger

Iwo Jima 2

(from) Pcf. Emery B. Schwartz  904965 – Co. A. 5th tank Bn. – 5th Marine Div. FMF – c/o F.P.O. San Fransisco

(to) Leon & Betty Hodges – 2409 E. Kellog – Wichita, Kansas

(body of text) Iwo Jima – March 18, 1944

Dear Leon & Betty,

  What have you kids been doing all the time since I’ve been gone? Alice says that Leon kept the kids amused the other night by drawing them pictures. I hope you keep drawing alot as it will come in very useful in many ways later on. On the way here a boy on the ship drew a different scene nearly every day. How are you getting along in school? Tommorrow will make one month staying in a foxhole every night. I’ve only had my shoes off three nights and things have been plenty rough all the time. I hope you study hard in school and learn a profession so you won’t have to go through this. I have to put this Japanese card in an envelope as they won’t accept it otherwise.  Love, Emery


(for the official Marine report from Iwo Jima on March 18, see below.) Please notice the casualty count. (X marks the end of sentence)

This is only the 5th Div report, the 3rd and 4th Div were also at Iwo Jima.

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ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ Taft for President!

 How much has the political landscape changed in 100 years? Just some, that’s all. In fact, Taft represented the elite (1%), while his opponent claimed the common folks (the 99%). Taft was a Unitarian who never believed that Christ was divine, but apparently then politics was all money without religious pandering. The fact that Taft represented BIG MONEY would today almost assure his election, since NOW CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE TOO.

This is just one of the hundreds of postcards I have. Many are older than this 1908 card. ~ sekanblogger

From Wikipedia: The United States presidential election of 1908 was held on November 3, 1908. Popular incumbent PresidentTheodore Roosevelt, honoring a promise not to seek a third term, persuaded the Republican Party to nominate William Howard Taft, his close friend and Secretary of War, to become his successor. Having badly lost the 1904 election with aconservative candidate, the Democratic Party turned to two-time nominee William Jennings Bryan, who had been defeated in 1896 and 1900 by Republican William McKinley. Despite his two previous defeats, Bryan remained extremely popular among the more liberal and populist elements of the Democratic Party. Despite running a vigorous campaign against the nation’s business elite, Bryan suffered the worst loss in his three presidential campaigns, and Taft won by a comfortable margin.

taft sherman

William H. Taft (15-Sep-1857 to 8-Mar-1930) 27th US President, 1909-13

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH Location of death: Washington, DC
Remains: Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA Religion: Unitarian

James S. Sherman (James Schoolcraft Sherman: 24-Oct-1855 to 30-Oct-1912) US Vice President 1909-1912.

Birthplace: Utica, NY Location of death: Utica, NY
Remains: Buried, Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NY  Religion: Protestant


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Ten Years In Afghanistan

The U.S.-led Afghanistan war is 10 years old today. As Americans protest on Wall Street and even Wichita, the longest war in our history passes quietly.

On Oct. 7, 2001, President George W. Bush told Americans that “their patience would be tested in the months ahead.”

Ten years on, there are more than 10 times as many U.S. troops there as when the war began. And a majority of Americans now say the war is not worth fighting.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Almost half of the population of Afghans is younger than 15 and have little or no firsthand memories of the day. Older Afghans seem to feel the war, which ended Taliban rule, has moved beyond its original intent.”

Although President Obama plans to withdraw 10,000 troops this year, few people know the facts.  Numbers like these;- $1.28 trillion,- 1,801 U.S. troops killed, 11, 200 Afghan civilians killed. These numbers, even when seen and heard, have little effect on people today.

Are we so desensitized by ongoing war, political bickering, and the world’s poor economy that we forget? 

Didn’t we go there with intentions to make the world a better place and help those oppressed by the Taliban?

Of course, I do not have the answers, only doubts and questions. I do know one thing in my heart; might, power and money do not make anyone’s point of view more correct than another’s, but only serve to hide the truth…. and, history repeats itself.


This is a poster that hangs in my bedroom. It’s the real thing, printed in 1969.

For those readers who are not old enough to remember, there was something you don’t see today; real, honest reporting directly from the war-front & great journalism by people like Walter Cronkite, always accompanied by the nightly “body count”.


Printed at the bottom: All statistics from Department of Defense – March 1, 1969


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WWII Gas Ration Stamps

Of course, this blog being mediocre, as it is, I know nothing about these stamps. I believe them to be what the title says,  and presumedly for farm use only, but I’m not even sure where I got these.

With gas at $4:00 a gallon, it may as well be rationed. No joy-riding for this poor boy! ~Anybody else know anything about these?


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 ABOUT THE GRAVATAR! This postcard is where my gravatar originates. This particular card is postmarked 1912. I have a shoebox full of these oldies but goodies that should probably be preserved in a little better manner than they are. Most cards are around 100 years old, with some dating back to the 1800’s. The only reason I used this card was the fact that I doubt seriously if anyone else has one!  This is addressed to Mrs. J. R. Hodges, Glencoe Oklahoma.


 The text below reads as follows;

Hello Dear, Will send you a card – will start for Mile City to night – write me their – I am OK hope you are the same – take care of your self and boys – will want you to come soon – guess the folks are back by this time – write me at Mile City Montana

Your husband Ray


 Glencoe OK. was founded in 1899 and had a population of around 500 in the year 2000. Miles City was originally referred to as “Milestown”, named after a Cavalry Officer. During the 1800’s it was a village of ‘camp followers’, that is; those who followed the army camps. Miles City, (Custer County) had a population of around 8,500 in the year 2000.


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Antique Postcards ~ Broadway Street, Parsons Kansas 1924

Be sure to visit KATY DAYS  for more area history.


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Antique Postcards ~ The Wichita Boys

This old postcard is being posted in honor of my blogger friends from Wichita; fnord, Prariepond, and the whole bunch! Have a great day today in Wichita.

By the way, I have dozens of old postcards depicting Wichita 100 years ago. Hard to believe how beautiful the Arkansas river, and the parks along the river were back then.


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Antique Postcards ~ John Brown’s Cabin

To see more antique postcards, choose POSTCARDS from the from the SEGREGATIONS (category) on the right hand column.

To read articles related to John Brown, try these:




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