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Home-Made Paradise – with The Moron Brothers

The Phillips brothers (my uncles) owned a houseboat that was a mansion compared to this!


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Hillbillies Can Be The Nicest Folks

 In 2010, I suggested an act for our local Memorial Day celebration here: Katy Days. The group I suggested was The Ozark Alliance from Salem Missouri. For you city folks, Salem is deep in the Ozarks, south of Rolla and nestled in the hills of the Mark Twain National Forest.  The Vaughn family (Ozark Alliance) are really, really into trains and train history. Dennis Vaughn’s family were railroaders, so they jumped at the chance to play at a railroad themed festival.

 Salem also happens to be the home of The Dillards. If you haven’t heard of them, perhaps you’ve heard of “the Darlin family” from The Andy Griffith Show? Well, the Dillards played the part of the Darlin boys. All baby boomers grew up watching the Darlins and Earnest T. Bass.

  That being cleared up, the story is really about the Vaughn family.  They have been good friends with the Dillards for many years, and informed me that the silent, slack-jawed attitude of the “Darlin boys” WAS NOT AN ACT! Now ain’t that a hoot? In any case, Rodney Dillard has always encouraged and helped the Vaughns in their bluegrass music, and in fact did a song with them. The song is titled: “There Goes The Neighborhood”, and is a comedy about living in Branson Missouri in the 1980’s when wealthy city folks moved in.

Sorry for the sound quality on the live Dillards performance. On youtube, you get what you can, If you would like a HQ copy of The Ozark Alliance featuring Rodney Dillard, singing the song above, just drop me a line!

P.S. Your humble host is a descendant of the Bransons.


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ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ The Unknown Hillbillies

Once again, some 100 year old postcards with no information on back except some names. For this card, I’m guessing the names are of the dogs. Unless Lila is dressed like a boy.

Lila & Burleigh

Lila & Burleigh

That’s a rather large doghouse for those two little pups! I wonder if the doghouse belongs to the dog below, who is possibly the momma dog?

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

 Same family? Hmm? Maybe that is the two older boys, Henry and Chas here, that are with the two pups in the upper picture.

If you recognize these boys and pups….



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