Kingfisher – Shawn Phillips and Donovan

This year is the 45th since this video was made.

The singer is Donovan, of “Sunshine Superman” fame. If you know my humble blog, you know who Shawn Phillips is. If you are an old guy like me, you know that the interviewer with the banjo on his lap is Pete Seeger.

Shawn and Donovan recently reunited at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Also joining in the fun were other notable musicians like Jimmy Page!

Shawn Phillips & Jimmy Page

And not the least to join the fun was Mr. Danny Thompson, original Bass Player for Pentangle.

  It seems that Rolling Stone Magazine wrote a “review” of the whole gig, but spent much time carrying on about Jimmy Page appearing, much to the disappointment of Shawn and his fans! Shawn did share a letter he wrote to the magazine:

Dear Mr. Somaiya, and RollingStone Magazine,
                                                                                 I am writing this message on behalf of the rest of the people who took part in the recent Donovan Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, on June 3rd. It would be nice if you could do a followup review. There were a few folks there beside Jimmy Pageyou know. Saw no mention of Mr. Danny Thompson, original Bass Player for Pentangle, and the Bass Player for the momentous event when Miles Davis played, at the Isle Of Wight, and sessions for renowned musicians too numerous to mention.

 Also participating was Shawn Phillips who was the original session Sitar, and Guitar player on ALL THE SESSIONS for the “Sunshine Superman” album, and co-composer of the song “Season Of The Witch”. Would have been nice to note that Mr. Phillips took time off, and canceled 4 concerts to do this from a tour he is currently in the midst of in the U.S. and Canada, that consists of more than 68 concerts away from his home and family from April till Nov. and that he has some 23 CD’s of original music under his belt, and last year celebrated 50 years on the road, but as they say, “Money talks, and bullshit walks”.

 Listen man, the guy played a couple licks, while what should have been 2 weeks of rehearsals packed into 2 days with a full orchestra, went off very well considering the intricacies of the arrangements by John Cameron. A few more lines on his work could be appreciated as well. Would be lovely to have an OBJECTIVE review of what actually went down that night. I have read some of your other work in researching you, and you can write quite well on occasion. Personally, I do know a little about writing, as my Father was an author, and one of his favorite things in teaching me about writing was, “Don’t say Bloodbath”, say, “But did the multitudinous seas encarnadine”.

So c’mon man, write a REAL review. They’ll publish it, even if it’s a few days after the fact. Thank you. I wish you Health, Love, and Clarity,  Shawn Phillips


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2 responses to “Kingfisher – Shawn Phillips and Donovan

  1. allam

    I’m a huge Shawn Phillips fan but he does spend too much time whining about not getting enough attention

  2. rubbertayers

    Isn’t he the guy whose hair caught on fire from an aroma candle and was all gone in an instant?

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