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Antique Postcards ~ Fatherless Children of France, World War One

This card is dated 1918, and World War 1 had created approximately 3 million widows and 10 million orphans. Europe was in ruins, but the United States homeland remained completely unaffected, with a booming economy and the good times of the roaring twenties on the way. Obviously, this card is sent to let someone know that you donated to a charity for French orphans, in their name. What a wonderful gift!

Any Parsonions related to Mrs. Stella Lynd, 2718 Main?

For more about The Fatherless Children Of France; http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=940DEFDD133FE433A25755C0A9679C946996D6CF 


Click the photo below to read the entire book of letters from orphans to their American benefactors. The book is ‘public domain’ from google.

The book above is priceless. Sweet, cute, and heartbreaking all wrapped up in one.

The true spririt of Christmas, COMPASSION.


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Old Soldier Ink Sketch


 This IS JUNK! – I was at an estate sale and the family had an old leather briefcase that had old papers in it. The former owner had been an accountant at one time and there were old ledgers and things stuffed in the briefcase. The family was going to throw away the whole lot, so I took it home and looked through it. This very old ink drawing was tucked into one of the ledgers. Being very brittle and torn around the edges, I had it framed into an old worn out frame to match. It appears to be either a WWI or early WWII soldier. It is signed “Cook”.

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