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Schull, The Fastnet & A Few More Photographs (via Unstranger’s Blog)

Does anybody else appreciate this guy’s photos?
If so, stop by and show your love!

Schull, The Fastnet & A Few More Photographs A view of Schull harbour in the distance from a point on the west side of the Fastnet peninsula. A particularly beautiful part of county Cork where the ISAF 'team racing world championships' have just begun. Quite frustrating of course to have to work around the unavoidable and all pervasive ESB power lines that make shite of so many terrific views. They're everywhere too. It took a bit of maneuvering to get this shot. The shot I wanted had almos … Read More

via Unstranger's Blog



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Visit Unstranger

Okay, here’s the deal. When I first started this blog, Unstranger was one of the first to stumble in here. I don’t remember what he was commenting on. He is from Limerick Ireland (please don’t post bawdy poems here), and takes lots of great photos from there and all over Europe. He also does some good commentary about politics over there. Good luck with some of the Irish slang though.

I don’t often tout other’s blogs, and I keep a very small blogroll. No particular reason, except I’m lazy and short on time.

I subscribe to quite a number of blogs, usually wordpress, and have some great blogger friends from all over the world. If I’m subscribed to your blog, I DO READ YOUR POSTS! I may not always comment, but once again, I’m just to busy to have a real life.

I’ve just been loving the series of photos that I’ve seen there lately.

Somewhere in Ireland


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