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Bach – Cello Suite No.1 i-Prelude


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For Lynn.

Immortal Bach translated:

Come sweet death, come blessed rest!
Come lead me to peace.


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On Earth As It Is In Heaven


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Toccata and Fugue / For God’s sake, MOVE ON!

Conn Sixty-B Pro Model

As a child, beginning in the 4th grade, I was obsessed with playing the trumpet.

Not a bad thing I guess, unless you’re the parents of such child.

At least it wasn’t a drum set.

When I found a new piece I wanted to master (often classical), I had an obsessive routine I carried out. I would practice the same piece over and over, and then some more. My rule was that I had to be able to play the piece 10 times in a row without missing a note, then I could take a break or play something else.

My bedroom, where I practiced, was upstairs. If I was trying a difficult piece, you can imagine how long I might spend on this routine.

The parents were just as patient and supportive as Ward and June Cleaver (Wally…not so much), but enough is enough. When they reached their breaking point, they had a simple signal: they grabbed a broom and tapped it on the ceiling from downstairs. Thus “the signal” became routine; tap-tap-tap on the ceiling meant “For God’s sake, MOVE ON!”

This is a bit long for most people’s attention span. In that case, just “tap-tap” the keyboard and MOVE ON!


The Conn 60B was the most versatile, the finest trumpet ever created by Conn. .. designed for the professional. Conn produced the 60B “Super Constellation” from 1967 through 1972.

The Conn Sixty-B Pro trumpet now resides in my closet, waiting for a time when it’s only friend has the money to refurbish it, AND….the time to PRACTICE!

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Irena Sendler – worthy of a symphony

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Fanfare For The Common Man by Copeland


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The Original Founders of America

I hope you enjoy the photos of the Mothers of the Americans. How fitting that the song is a requiem.

One would hope that our government has changed since this speech.


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Sofa No.2 – translated


I am the heaven
I am the water

Ich bin der Dreck unter deinen Walzen  (I am the dirt beneath your rollers)
(Oh no, whip it on me, honey!)
Ich bin dein geheimer Schmutz (I am your secret smut)
Und verlorenes Metallgeld (And lost metal money)
Ich bin deine Ritze (I am your cracks)
Ich bin deine Ritze und Schlitze  (I am your cracks & crannies)

I am the clouds
I am embroidered

Ich bin der Autor aller Felgen  (I am the author of all tucks)
Und Damast Paspeln  (And damask piping)
Ich bin der Chrome Dinette  (I am The Chrome Dinette)
Ich bin der Chrome Dinette  (I am The Chrome Dinette)
Ich bin Eier aller Arten  (I am eggs of all persuasions)

Ich bin alle Tage und Nachte  (I am all days and nights)
Ich bin alle Tage und Nachte  (I am all days and nights)

Ich bin hier  (I am here)
Und du bist mein Sofa  (And you are my sofa)
Ich bin hier  (I am here)
Und du bist mein Sofa  (And you are my sofa)
Ich bin hier  (I am here)
Und du bist mein Sofa (And you are my sofa)

Yeah, my Sofa


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Hallelujah / A Challenge

I challenge the thinkers of the world to drop their sectarianism, their nationalism, and their partisanships, and in the spirit of brotherhood to work in their particular nation, regarding it as integral part of a great federation of nations, – a federation that now exists on the inner side, but waits for the activity of the world thinkers to bring it to materialization on the outer side.

I charge them to work in the cause of religion, and in the field of that particular religion in which they, by an accident of birth or choice, are interested, regarding each religion as part of the great world religion. They must look upon the activities of their group, society or organization, as demanding their help, just in so far, as the principles on which they are founded, and the techniques which they employ, serve the general good, and develop the realization of Brotherhood.

I ask you to drop your antagonisms and your antipathies, your hatreds and your racial differences, and to attempt to think in terms of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity.

I would remind you that hatred and separateness have brought humanity to the present condition.

I would add to that reminder, however, the fact that there is in the world today a large enough number of liberated men, to produce a change in the attitudes of mankind and in public opinion, if they measure up by an act of the will, to what they know and believe.

I challenge you also to make sacrifices; to give yourself and your time, and your money, and your interest, to carry these ideas to those around you, in your own environment, and to the group in which you find yourself, thus awakening your associates. I call you to a united effort to inculcate anew the ideas of brotherhood and of unity. I ask you to recognize your fellow workers in all the groups and to strengthen their hands. I ask you to seal your lips to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood and of group relationships. I beg of you to see to it that every day is for you a new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sight of your own affairs, your petty sorrows, worries and suspicions, in the urgency of the task to be done, and spread the cult of unity, of love and of harmlessness.

I also ask you to sever connection with all groups which are seeking to destroy and to attack, no matter how sincere their motive. Range yourself on the side of the workers for constructive ends, who are fighting no other groups or organizations, and who have eliminated the world “anti” out of their vocabulary. Stand on the side of those who are silently and steadily building for the new order – an order which is founded on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood, and which possesses a realization of brotherhood, which is based on the knowledge that we are, each and all, no matter what our race, the children of the One Father, and who have come to the realization that the old ways of working must go, and the newer methods must be given a chance.

If you cannot yourself teach or preach or write, give of your thought and of your money, so that others can. Give of your hours and minutes of leisure, so as to set others free to serve the Plan; give of your money, so that the work of those associated with the new group of “world servers” may go forward with rapidity. Much time you waste on non-essentials. Many of you give little or nothing of time. The same is the case with money. Give as never before, and so make the physical aspects of the work possible. Some give of their very need, and the power they thereby release is great. Those on the inner side are grateful for the giving by those who can give only at great personal cost. Others give of what they can spare, and only when it needs no sacrifice to give. Let that condition also end, and give to the limit, with justice and understanding, so that the age of love and light may be more rapidly ushered in. I care not where or to whom you give, only that you give, – little if you have but little of time and money, much if you have much. Work and give, love and think and aid those groups who are building and not destroying, loving and not attacking, lifting and not tearing down.

I challenge you above all to a deeper life, and I implore you for the sake of your fellow men to strengthen your contact with your own soul, so that you will have done your share in making revelation possible; so that you will have served your part in bringing in the light, and will therefore be in a position to take advantage of that new light and new information, and so be better able to point the way and clear the path for the bewildered seeker at that time. Those who are not ready for the coming events, will be blinded by the emerging light, and bewildered by the revealing wonder; they will be swept by the living breath of God, and it is to you that we look to fit them for the event. ~A.A.B.

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The Old Country

Music by Bella Fleck


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