For Lynn.

Immortal Bach translated:

Come sweet death, come blessed rest!
Come lead me to peace.


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7 responses to “BE HERE NOW

  1. Moe

    You’ve lost someone . . . my thoughts are with you.

  2. For Lynn: (how nice) I poured a cup of coffee, put on my headphones, closed my eyes and just listened. Be Here Be Now sounds like something I must read. The requiem of Bach was gloomy yet powerful listening. It gave me a chance to reflect on all that has happened in my lifetime and all that I must experience before I myself die. (hopefully that won’t be for a while but no one really knows.) Thank you for posting this just for me. I’m so not worthy but am so thankful for a good friend. Even if I’ve never met you in person, something keeps pulling me back into this blog of yours. ❤

  3. So Sekan, was it you who won the $640 lottery? When I heard KANSAS I had my fingers crossed.

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