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 No since even calling this post a review or critique. I’m not a very good critic of Shawn Phillips, as I’ve been a huge fan for over thirty years. With a style and range of music that can only be defined as eclectic, Shawn has refused to be boxed in by the music industry and practically led the way for the waves of independent rockers now on the scene. Although he did achieve some notoriety in the USA during the 1970’s, he has a much larger following worldwide. Now residing in South Africa with his family, he has toured the States on a limited basis for the last couple of years.

No need for me to review his song choices and every missed note. I’ll just say that Shawn seemed quite happy and his voice was great the night I saw him. His music is very difficult to perform, both vocally and the guitar techniques, so I was so pleased that he was able to use his full range without compromise.

Shawn plays his LesCaster/StrataPaul doubleneck.

Shawn plays his LesCaster/StrataPaul doubleneck.

Although Shawn never achieved the fame of some of his friends, he seems satisfied with his achievements and says that his defining moment was a standing ovation at The Isle of Wight in 1970.

Shawn Phillips (left) with sekanblogger

Shawn Phillips (left) with sekanblogger

A big thanks to UMG for allowing this video (below). WMG should learn a thing or two about common decency.



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19 responses to “FAN MEETS ARTIST

  1. You don’t scrub up too badly Sekan. Hmm, Sekan is that pepper spray on Shawn’s belt?

  2. Ann

    Well check out that ol six pack! Don’t tell me he didn’t work out on that sculptured body.? It’s to die for Amaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    He looks a bit like Jesus too.

  3. A treat to meet an artist you enjoy, isn’t it? I know its not your first time to see him, but your first meeting?

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  5. Lynn

    i am so happy that you introduced me to this musical icon. i gotta tell you that i was totally blown away by that first song (Woman)! I clicked the links and learned among other things that Shawn learned to play sitar from ravi shankar, impressive. the sitar is my most favorite instrument to listen to!

  6. Lynn

    oh yeah and the Isle of Wight Festival is coming up in two weeks! i think i’ll research that to see if i can find some good video to post about it.

  7. Always nice to see what a fellow blogger looks like. I thought you were the young suave debonair man in your avatar pic. I recognise the top half of his double guitar, I had a Les Paul many years ago

  8. Hey, Sekan, giving my age away here but – I was at the 1970 IOW festival !!! 😆

    Fantastic lineup of artists !!!

  9. A real nic blog to help bring awareness to our Petition to getting Shawn Phillips inducted into the Songwriters HALL of FAME.

    thank you Tracy

    Spread the word the more signatures the more clout the petition carries

  10. Thank you Tracy for building this blog up to get more signatures. We now have a total of as of today 07/27/2012 436 signatures.

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