6 responses to “The New CORPORATE POLICE STATE

  1. David L. Miller

    Closed my accounts with Chase and Shity two years ago and I wasn’t busted . Any time you use a credit card issued by a big bank you are supporting neo-fascist policy .

  2. And, I might add a note for anyone reading:
    When you try to close your account, it is an old trick of theirs to conveniently lose that information and let you believe it’s closed. When they do that you continue to rack up fees, even though you’ve paid your balance to ZERO. Believe me, Bank of America did this to me….BIG TIME.
    Since then, I’ve learned that the surest way to close these damn things it to report it lost or stolen. It’ll be closed before you hang up the phone!

  3. Pingback: CITIBANK-Arrests people from the street and force them inside the bank: This after 25 people are arrested for closing their bank accounts: Where is the Main stream Media Reporting? | euzicasa

  4. Well, on the brighter side, they did shut down the Bank of America branch in Washington DC. The crap thing is people are going to get arrested, people are going to get maced, people are going to have to take it in the face. Just like so many of us have dealt with the brunt of this mess.

    Fortunately I was able to open an account with the public employees credit union. I still have a BOA account, but it hasn’t had money in it for a while. I guess I should really close it.

    • Violence is always met with violence. It’s inexcusable when peaceful protest is met with violence and/or arrest. Being annoyed or rightfully embarrassed is no reason to have people arrested.

  5. Thank you for reposting the video.

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