Wall Street Spirit / The 99%

Much thanks to DuncanR at THE MAD HATTERS blog for this great find.

Remember that this is a worldwide economic collapse. Although the problem(s) have their roots on Wall Street,

THE 99% includes people from all over the world.

Thanks to BIG EASY APPLE  for this video (below).


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2 responses to “Wall Street Spirit / The 99%

  1. Kate Formby

    The government has neglected it’s duties and now we need time to rebuild……..
    When did Our Government become The Government.
    I don’t know about you……but I know that if I did not perform in my job it was no longer available to me.
    Congress and The presidents of yesterday and today are no longer interested in what is good for our nation…….They are concerned with their own agenda.
    Treason is a harsh word but if the shoe fits……….Someone should wear it.
    The policies of the last 50 years are for world domination…….
    The economy is a tool to keep us in slavery…..Those that have the least pay the most…..How many home loans do the elite have…….at what rate? Why are we saddled with a mortgage that takes 30 to 40 years to pay off?
    There should be laws against the Loan Shark tactics the Banks use……But are there???????.No………I don’t see anyone going to Jail for this robbery
    I have more respect for a man with a gun demanding my money than for the bastards that use policy and law to rob us blind.

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