Ten Years In Afghanistan

The U.S.-led Afghanistan war is 10 years old today. As Americans protest on Wall Street and even Wichita, the longest war in our history passes quietly.

On Oct. 7, 2001, President George W. Bush told Americans that “their patience would be tested in the months ahead.”

Ten years on, there are more than 10 times as many U.S. troops there as when the war began. And a majority of Americans now say the war is not worth fighting.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Almost half of the population of Afghans is younger than 15 and have little or no firsthand memories of the day. Older Afghans seem to feel the war, which ended Taliban rule, has moved beyond its original intent.”

Although President Obama plans to withdraw 10,000 troops this year, few people know the facts.  Numbers like these;- $1.28 trillion,- 1,801 U.S. troops killed, 11, 200 Afghan civilians killed. These numbers, even when seen and heard, have little effect on people today.

Are we so desensitized by ongoing war, political bickering, and the world’s poor economy that we forget? 

Didn’t we go there with intentions to make the world a better place and help those oppressed by the Taliban?

Of course, I do not have the answers, only doubts and questions. I do know one thing in my heart; might, power and money do not make anyone’s point of view more correct than another’s, but only serve to hide the truth…. and, history repeats itself.


This is a poster that hangs in my bedroom. It’s the real thing, printed in 1969.

For those readers who are not old enough to remember, there was something you don’t see today; real, honest reporting directly from the war-front & great journalism by people like Walter Cronkite, always accompanied by the nightly “body count”.


Printed at the bottom: All statistics from Department of Defense – March 1, 1969



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5 responses to “Ten Years In Afghanistan

  1. Don’t forget while we have been there for a decade, Afghanistan has been at war I think for most of the last 30 year or more. The Russians were there for most of a decade. Of course we were in that conflict by proxy I think. The proxies then turn on us in about a decade or so.

  2. The Soviets pulled out in the late 80s, as they say that there was never going to be an end with the fight with the Taliban. We should have taken the hint, just like how were fighting a war in Viet Nam, and got nowhere.

  3. sitanbul

    There are those who say that the U.S. has achieved its objective in Afghanistan, namely to establish permanent bases in Central Asia . . . that the fight agains the Taliban and their Al Qaeda is nothing but a pretext. And then, there is also the continuing war in Iraq, that will now be in private hands again.

    Do have a look at this: “Ten Years in Afghanistan: Central Asia Blues or Building Bases”, http://sitanbul.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/ten-years-in-afghanistan-central-asia-blues-or-building-bases/

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