Toccata and Fugue / For God’s sake, MOVE ON!

Conn Sixty-B Pro Model

As a child, beginning in the 4th grade, I was obsessed with playing the trumpet.

Not a bad thing I guess, unless you’re the parents of such child.

At least it wasn’t a drum set.

When I found a new piece I wanted to master (often classical), I had an obsessive routine I carried out. I would practice the same piece over and over, and then some more. My rule was that I had to be able to play the piece 10 times in a row without missing a note, then I could take a break or play something else.

My bedroom, where I practiced, was upstairs. If I was trying a difficult piece, you can imagine how long I might spend on this routine.

The parents were just as patient and supportive as Ward and June Cleaver (Wally…not so much), but enough is enough. When they reached their breaking point, they had a simple signal: they grabbed a broom and tapped it on the ceiling from downstairs. Thus “the signal” became routine; tap-tap-tap on the ceiling meant “For God’s sake, MOVE ON!”

This is a bit long for most people’s attention span. In that case, just “tap-tap” the keyboard and MOVE ON!


The Conn 60B was the most versatile, the finest trumpet ever created by Conn. .. designed for the professional. Conn produced the 60B “Super Constellation” from 1967 through 1972.

The Conn Sixty-B Pro trumpet now resides in my closet, waiting for a time when it’s only friend has the money to refurbish it, AND….the time to PRACTICE!

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