Free to Die (via

Economist Paul Krugman in today's New York Times takes a closer look at Libertarian views about 'freedom'. Millions of American children, for instance, make the 'bad choice' of being born to to poor parents– should taxpayers bail them out? So would people on the right be willing to let those who are uninsured through no fault of their own die from lack of care? The answer, based on recent history, is a resounding “Yeah!” Think, in particular, of … Read More




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5 responses to “Free to Die (via

  1. ninjanurse

    thanks so much for linking to us. we love your site, sekanblogger.

  2. ninjanurse

    The most outrageous thing that Paul said seems to have slipped under the radar, with your permission I’d like to link to it here– a suggestion that licensing doctors is hurting competition.

  3. I completely trust your judgement and you are welcome to link here anytime.

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