The Party of Death?

From Steve Brodner

Take the link at top to go to Steve’s excellent blog! Maybe you can read the text there, which came out too small here.



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6 responses to “The Party of Death?

  1. I agree with the assessment of the Republicans and their barking TEA party dog pack. I just wish this hadn’t all been dropped in Ron Paul’s lap. He’s the lesser of those evils by far.

    I like the artwork. It reminds me of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

  2. It would be cool if they’d take a step back and look at what they’re doing, but I guess if they could do that, they wouldn’t be doing it. The insistence that dissolving governmental power will solve all our economic problems is puzzling.

  3. You know, when asked if he should just die, Paul did say “no” before he was overridden by his pro-death audience.

    • You are correct. I saw the footage. I wish we could have gotten a full response from Mr. Paul. One problem? The damned format of the debates! It only allows enough time for candidates to spout their party's particular talking point or sound byte. For the sake of America, we need REAL debates, not these phony ‘dog and pony shows'!

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