Tea party Congress: “Power to the Corporations”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 |  by Jim Hightower

Good grief – the genuine populist fury of grassroots tea partiers is now being perverted into anti-populism by the very tea party Republicans they elected to Congress.

Tea party House members have become the Koch brothers‘ plutocratic dream. They’ve voted to keep giving a $4-billion-a-year government subsidy to Big Oil, to privatize and slash Medicare, to let Wall Street banksters keep ripping off consumers and investors, and to put Social Security on the congressional killing floor. Is this what grassroots voters meant by “Power to the people?”

Take tea party Congressman Austin Scott. Only, you can’t – he’s already been taken by corporate lobbyists. This Georgia Republican won election last year by waging a full-throated campaign against foreign workers who enter the country illegally. Throw ’em all out, he ranted – those jobs belong to U.S. citizens. But, curiously, Scott did not applaud on July 29 when Legal Service lawyers won a case to stop a corporation in his district from illegally firing U.S. workers and replacing them with Mexican migrants.

Far from applauding, this tough-on-immigrants tea party stalwart abruptly shifted sides, favoring the corporation’s illegal hiring practices against his own constituents who’d been thrown out of their jobs. Indeed, only three days after Legal Services won its case against the corporation, Scott rose up on his hind legs and introduced H.R. 2774, a vindictive, one-sentence bill that says: “Be it enacted… in Congress assembled, that the Legal Services Corporation Act is repealed.”

Scott’s hypocrisy is as subtle as a hammer to the head: He professes to be for the people then tries to kill a program that helps poor people pursue justice against corporate elites. “Power to the Corporations” is his motto.

“How Rep. Austin Scott betrayed his Tea Party roots,”www.washingtonpost.com, August 9, 2011



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10 responses to “Tea party Congress: “Power to the Corporations”

  1. Keith V.

    Hi Jim,

    Given that the Tea Party is really the pro-business, anti-environment, anti-progressive brainchild of the Koch brothers, is it really fair to refer to any part of it as being in any way “grassroots”? After all, those who follow along with the Tea Party rhetoric aren’t part of a true people’s movement as much as they are the unwitting pawns of the billionaire brothers.

    What’s your take? I’m interested in what you have to say?

    Keith V.

  2. ninjanurse

    the Rhode Island Tea Partiers seem to include a lot of senior citizens demanding that government keep its hands off their Medicare.

    • Keith V.

      And this confuses me since Medicare is a government program. Plus, when you consider that the GOP (and lobbyists from Big Pharma, the insurance industry, and others were largely responsible for the creation of the costly Part D section of Medicare, isn’t it strange that people who favor a smaller government presence are fighting to keep big government in their lives in this particular way?

    • I try to think their age is affecting their thoughts……

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