Americans Elect .org

Remember the (popular) definition of insanity?

Let’s try something completely different!

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4 responses to “Americans Elect .org

  1. johnpnts

    here! here! A party of the people, for the people, and by the people. Small parties merge to form a third party, one rooted in the soul of the workers of our nation, the ones that do the work. Let us not make a career of being a politician, but serve 4 or 6 years and then go back to work at home. End career politics!

  2. Americans Elect’s objective is to present voters with a presidential and vice presidential candidate unbeholden to either the Democrat or Republican party. It’s very simple. When votes are presented with the choice of voting for the Republican or Democrat candidates or the Americans Elect candidates (and presumably others), they make their choice. Where’s the fraud or scam? If a vote doesn’t care for the Americans Elect candidates, don’t vote for them. As a supporter of Americans Elect, I hope that it will present candidates who will overwhelmingly appeal to moderate, independent and liberal voters and knock the socks off the two-party system.

  3. Thanks for recommending this post, definitely worth looking into further.

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