From The Sixties To The Future….

In OUR future thinking & practices: No racism ALLOWED! No idiotic male chauvinism nor bigoted discrimination ALLOWED! No ideological nor religious motivated terroristic stupidity ALLOWED!No xenophobic isolationism, dumb criminality, abusive exploitation or violence against women and children, nor avaricious global exploitation of humanity ………ALLOWED!

“All Power To All The People!” Righteous down home people’s power is what I advocated in the sixties, and what I say today. That is, “…toward a future world of cooperation-al humanism!” Beyond the myopic notions and strict doctrinaire ideologies of past “politburo” state control command economy socialism. More important let’s get beyond the present extremist practices of avaricious racist corporate monopoly globalizing capitalism having evolved a system which concentrates 90% of all the political-economic power in to the hands of the one percent cooperate money-rich around this, OUR earth.

Democracy? HOW ABOUT Greater constitutional “direct” democracy? i.e. greater people’s’ decision making participatory Community Control democracy? This form has a greater three-dimensional democratic character. A true people’s’ democratic synthesis are ideas to begin to get creative with. “All power to all the people,” was my BPP sixties creative protest demand. ~ BOBBY SEALE

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