Jesus Christ Supersocialist (via The Erstwhile Conservative)

Jesus Christ Supersocialist A commenter on my post, "The Socialist Capital Of Missouri: Joplin," wrote: I would submit the idea that Christ would be in favor of socialism! It so happens that Gregory Paul, who knows a little something about sociological research, wrote a piece for The Washington Post a few days ago that addressed the Jesus-as-socialist idea. In fact, Paul went further and questioned "a set of profound contradictions" that "have developed within modern conser … Read More

via The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance



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2 responses to “Jesus Christ Supersocialist (via The Erstwhile Conservative)

  1. That must mean Jesus is actually from Kenya and a closet Muslim, Trace

  2. I skimmed the post you linked to and I think it’s a bit of a straw man argument. That said, I agree that many politicians (conservative and otherwise) have a solid “do as I say, not as I do” track record.

    That said, I don’t think Jesus Christ would advocate for socialism. In fact, I think he would advocate for each of us to personally be responsible for our neighbors, as opposed to “outsourcing” that responsibility to the government or anyone else.

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