Fanfare For The Common Man by Copeland



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3 responses to “Fanfare For The Common Man by Copeland

  1. Play ball!

    Sorry I’ve been such a lousy blog follower, commenter, friend, etc. Working on it. I have elaborate plans for plotting my comment reply strategy like everything, but like everything I do it takes me 3 times as long as anyone else. I love comments so much too! As for my blog directing back to my old site, I’m still vested in my old site as well, sentimental about it and still writing on it. I figure it won’t matter as long as I put a link up to each new post on the new blog on my old blog. I intend on using my old blog for just writing about stuff without making it all literary n’ junk, though I was surprised how well my “Weekend” post just telling what was going on went last week. Must do that more often b/c my literary n’ junk posts take me forever to write.
    PS, I’ll try to find a decent plug in to make my comment form on my new blog better

  2. I want to live in that house over the waterfall. (sigh)

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