This one is for Lynn, who could care less about politics, but is more interested in really good music. Hey Rip, do you remember Michael Schenker? I would suggest UFO’s 20th Century Masters/Best Of – compilation.



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2 responses to “LOVE TO LOVE

  1. Wha…?!?!!.. So while I’m stayin’ out late an’ boozing it up on the streets of Bangkok, Sekanblogger is dedicating an awesome post to me? Geez, I’m so not worthy..really I’m not. I have to admit that I had NOT heard of the group UFO although Rip said he is familiar but didn’t know specifically about Michael Shenker.

    Did a quick’ wikisearch: Apparently many others (in the know) have heard about him. Enough so that Dean Guitars began producing a “Schenker signature Dean V” (ala Flying V) guitar in his honor. Thanks for this considerate introduction to another amazing artist Sekan! 🙂 Enjoyed this post and thanks again. PS Love the strings too!

  2. Also forgot to mention that I love the title Love to Love!

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