The Original Founders of America

I hope you enjoy the photos of the Mothers of the Americans. How fitting that the song is a requiem.

One would hope that our government has changed since this speech.



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6 responses to “The Original Founders of America

  1. I can’t think of a better way to spend 10.5 minutes this morning. A great speech in the second one. In the first video it’s not suprising that I didn’t see even a hint of a smile until 4:17.

    • I'm just pleased that somebody spent the time to watch.

      • As for me, I would watch a 10 vid before I will spend 10 mins reading a long post. On the othr hand, Rip would rather read for 10 mins reading than to even watch a video half that length. ..You’ve probably noticed that I don’t comment on political posts, not just yours- any political posts. Those usually get me frustrated and in trouble if I choose to comment so i just refrain altogether.

        • Howdy Lynn. I balance between you and Rip. Some video I never bother to watch, and when ANY post gets too long, well….forget it. Some sites get so long winded that the library calls wanting the books back!

  2. alivfaizalmuhammad

    is she sakagawea?

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