After Midnight

Everyone in the world who claims to be a Rock N Roll fan should absolutely know who J.J. Cale is! You may already know a couple of his hit songs like “Cocaine”, “After Midnight” or “They Call Me The Breeze”.



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3 responses to “After Midnight

  1. Freakin’ awesome post Sekan!! Rip and I found this post very enjoyable! It’s so amazing to watch “real” musicians join together in their element making incredible music! J.J. Cale has inspired some of the best musicians of our life-time and sadly not many people realize this. You always get my attention with your musical posts!

    Rip wants me to ask: Are you familiar with Hot Tuna? Yorma Caukonen, Jack Casady..ala Jeffereson Airplane. Yorma would com and stay with Rip and a good friend of Rip’s when he lived in Crested Butte, Co. 🙂

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