by Jim Hightower

David Koch, the right-wing multibillionaire, likes to pose as a class act. He’s thrown around several million bucks, for example, to get a wing of Manhattan’s Lincoln Center named for him and to buy a seat on the board of WGBH, Boston’s prestigious public television station.

These purchases make nice wallpaper for him, but they can’t cover up the ugliness at the core of Koch’s heart. He has poured a fortune (and his very soul) into the creation of dozens’ of political attack groups and corporate fronts to advance his self-serving, plutocratic vision of America. Far from a class act, the Koch operation is as crass as they come.

One of the crudest arms of his vast and secretive political network is called Americans for Prosperity. It runs all sorts of astroturf campaigns to knock down the prosperity of working families and lift up the power and prosperity of corporate elites – like the Kochs.

AFP’s Michigan branch recently showed what it’s made of in a campaign to kill funding for a new international bridge between Detroit and Canada. Building this bridge would create jobs and ease traffic snarls, but it would compete with a corporate-owned toll bridge – and the Koch’s virulently oppose all things public.

To stir-up public opposition, AFP went into a hard-hit Detroit neighborhood and plastered people’s homes with official looking flyers that declared in bold type: “Eviction Notice.” The bogus flyers told homeowners that the state transportation agency was prepared to seize their homes to make way for the new bridge. “It was meant to startle people,” said AFP’s clueless and classless state director, who was perversely proud of the panic his lie had caused in this distressed community.

Such sensitivity is what has made the Koch name a cussword all across America.

“Conservate group: Fake eviction notices were ‘meant to startle people'”www.freep.com, June 7, 2011.

“The Koch Brothers’ attack operation is all class,” www.alternet.org, June 8, 2011



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2 responses to “KOCH CLASSINESS

  1. Thought there was a law against shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre…ought to apply here.

  2. David L. Miller

    AFP = Americans For Poverty

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