More gridlock and posturing, v 2012.0

Great. Gotta love this democracy stuff, especially now that money = free speech.

 Yes, the debt is a problem. Rewarding bankers and wealthy folks won’t help, been there and still going there. Bankers aren’t lending, and the rich are not bothering with messy stuff like manufacturing and construction. Letting corporations spend wildly on campaigns won’t help. Every dime the Koch brothers ever made won’t help. Lobbyists won’t help. Palin and Bachmann mania damned sure won’t help.

 What will help? Good, old-fashioned socialism. I believe that we should have something like the W.P.A., just like during the 1930’s.
 When we have millions of willing and able people looking for ANY kind of work, along with crumbling infrastructure. There is no excuse to not spend some money. Until these folks get jobs, and those already working achieve enough income equality to have any cash for “extras”. You remember “extras”?; vacations, an occasional night out, good cuts of red meat, Ah, the good ol’ days, way back when Slick Willy was the prez…..(it’s still the economy, stupid).
 And what ever happened to “green energy” and mass transportation projects? These things need, nay must, happen soon. Perfect for what the USA needs now.

PUT PEOPLE TO WORK. The private employers aren’t hiring, that’s a fact. Let the government help get us off our asses and into work. ~sekanblogger



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4 responses to “More gridlock and posturing, v 2012.0

  1. Finally! Someone who isn’t afraid of the S word! 🙂 Socialism has always had a bad rap.

  2. You are completely correct. My Gram (who raised me — not the Irish granny who died before I was born, the other grandmother) told me over and over how the CCC and WPA saved her family (the boys went away to workcamps — they cleared trails in nat’l parks, built bridges & water-towers). They were “housed” (not great living but barracks) and fed 3 x/ day and given a SMALL amount of money to send back home.

    What’s sad is I was kretching about this back when I was young during the Clinton/ Bush I years. “When we have millions of willing and able people looking for ANY kind of work, along with crumbling infrastructure.”

    Over the past 20 years or so, everything has gotten WORSE, not better. People who talk about how fabulous things are today are not living my life. I have the same job but make 7k less a year than I did but 4 years ago.

    AmeriCorps was a great idea but they made it all about networking (which is fine) and that money only goes towards college. Erm, real people of all ages need work and training (and that networking wouldn’t do any harm).

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