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6 responses to “WHAT IF?

  1. Very interesting. On one side of my coin, I don’t care from Ron Paul’s ideology. On the other hand, thoughtful “what if” questions are good for discussions and decisions makers.

  2. I just hope the “what ifs” aren’t too late to question and fix.

  3. I don’t even have to watch this flick because I posted it recently on my fb page and to my shock and horror got ZERO replies! I have loved this man and his politics for many years now. He is THE most interesting speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. his son Rand is the second most intersting in my book. Plus they are Libertarians and that makes them great in my book! Thanks Sekan for posting this. I’ll be interested in how many comments you’ll get here. If you get only a few, I’ll be so disappointed.

  4. I actually posted this one on fb. Same brilliant speech though.

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