Awaken and Rise (via Free Energy Now)

John has been a good friend to me for decades, and has reached out to try to spread some of his worthy ideas. I can’t deny his great intentions for the human race! Some ideas here (read the 3 posts) may seem quixotic, but but I admire crusaders for the betterment of ALL!
I’m just saying, run your eyes over it, leave a comment, even critical.
Thanks, Tracy aka sekanblogger

Awaken and Rise      Cease, for a moment, in all your works, all you men and women of Earth.  Mark your name upon this foundation, the New Age of Humanity!  Affirm and make known to all your commitment to a world that has abundant and free clean energy, air, food, and water.  A world able to use its wisdom to provide these necessary elements for life.  A world where money does not equal worth.  A world committed to equality, individual liberties, … Read More

via Free Energy Now


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