Joplin Gets Organized

Just a note for those readers who don’t live in “The Fours States” area. Watching the local reports, and the help has grown faster than it can be organized. There is much progress in this area though as this slowly gets more coordinated. The “missing” count was as many as 1,500 at one point, but is now around 200. The death toll is about 120 and expected to rise. One Joplin Nursing Home says they believe they have 12 dead who are on the missing list.

To see incredible, and interactive photo(s), NPR’s BEFORE & AFTER pics.

Joplin’s “Boomtown Days” celebration has been cancelled or postponed, and this will be a long, slow process of returning to normal. All parents and students are being told to expect to have classes this fall!

Just want to share one last photo, and I probably won’t have much more about Joplin, at least not frequently. Check out this amazing sight; a wood-frame chair embedded in a concrete wall. I know, you’re thinking the photo is turned sideways….nope. This was a slow-moving, debris filled, F5 MONSTER. This is for real, and the very reason so many fatalities happened.For those who know people from the Joplin area, or need information, including the latest list of missing persons, go here: KOAM TV7.


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4 responses to “Joplin Gets Organized

  1. The death toll is now near 140, and the missing count has dropped to about that number also.

  2. ninjanurse

    wow, shocking how much force was loosed on Joplin. thanks for your posts to bring it home to us.

  3. ninjanurse

    Weird weather, Rhode Island and Massachusetts are on tornado warning/watch. One tore up houses in Springfield.
    This never happens here– I’m at the laundromat and hail was dropping, the sky still looks like it’s up to something. I don’t think it will come near us, but it’s been very strange the last week. Instant humid heat after a cold, dark spring. Must be the End Times.

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