HARVESTING an attitude of loving tolerance.

PATIENT and kind.

LIVING fully in each moment, even in the face of adversity.

PROTECTING and building trust with, those around you.

HELPING those who cannot do for themselves.

APPRECIATING the fact that you CAN help.

DOING the next right thing, especially at your own expense.


ENVIOUS, bragging and proud.

BELITTLING others, or seeking to make yourself look better than them.

RECEIVING what you want. Losers suffer from self-will run riot.

ANGRY and vengeful, holding grudges against others.

WEALTH of material things, or even the appearance of such.


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7 responses to “WINNING

  1. Wow.
    Can’t believe I have 22 subscribers.
    You must be some extremely patient people!
    WINNERS! – 22 winners subscribed right here!
    Enjoy the blues. Kinda long, but worth it!

    OK, we’ll have to see about you, you friggin loon! You’re probably stinkin rich! and impatient…….naw, just damned prolific.

  2. Dude, when did you get back? This is awesome. Welcome back and fill us in on the intervening too many past months.

    Oh, ya, one of my old favorites. Eric could rock!!!

  3. Ah to live in such a world….bliss.

  4. Now I gotta go drink me some Tiger’s Blood!

  5. johnpnts

    Well put. We each face the daily battle of selfishness vs selflessness, love vs hate, and empathy toward our fellows rather than apathy. I hear alot of apathy, so I always try to find and applaud empathy wherever I find it, and I find it here.

  6. Isn’t this patterned after a biblical verse in the new testament, Corithians I think.

    • Yes Bruce, I didn’t hide it very well.
      The reason I wrote this whole thing, I dunno….I been watching Sheen’s war on whoever, whatever it is….and I’m thinking’ to myself, “Self, this guy’s whole attitude of selfishness bothers me.”
      So, me. I’m taking the softer easier way here by not matching his rant with another (mediocre) rant.

      I hope someday Charlie gets a new definition of “winning”!

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