ABOUT THE GRAVATAR! This postcard is where my gravatar originates. This particular card is postmarked 1912. I have a shoebox full of these oldies but goodies that should probably be preserved in a little better manner than they are. Most cards are around 100 years old, with some dating back to the 1800’s. The only reason I used this card was the fact that I doubt seriously if anyone else has one!  This is addressed to Mrs. J. R. Hodges, Glencoe Oklahoma.


 The text below reads as follows;

Hello Dear, Will send you a card – will start for Mile City to night – write me their – I am OK hope you are the same – take care of your self and boys – will want you to come soon – guess the folks are back by this time – write me at Mile City Montana

Your husband Ray


 Glencoe OK. was founded in 1899 and had a population of around 500 in the year 2000. Miles City was originally referred to as “Milestown”, named after a Cavalry Officer. During the 1800’s it was a village of ‘camp followers’, that is; those who followed the army camps. Miles City, (Custer County) had a population of around 8,500 in the year 2000.



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11 responses to “ANTIQUE POSTCARDS

  1. It is kind of strange to find bits of personal stuff from another era. Very cool!

  2. f.B

    Finding old snippets of moments is so cool. We’ve got a few in my family that we cherish.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.
    I was afraid I was the only one who likes this old stuff!

  4. klaus

    This sort of thing is totally cool.

    A peek into a life long since gone. Proof (?) that we’re all a part of a continuum.

  5. klaus

    PS. Except I have to admit I just thought it was a pic of Lee Harvey Oswald.

  6. It’s good to know they got confused over “their” and “there” even 100 years ago.
    OK, so I wonder what the scenario was? I am going to guess Ray did something naughty in Oklahoma and decided to make a run for it. Thus the “guess the folks are back by this time” line. He was probably heading to Miles City to pan for gold.

    Great post Sekan….more

  7. Look closely at his eyes: He just killed someone. Dude, you got a serial killer as an avatar.

  8. Ann

    I was wondering about who this was. I love old antique shops. They have old picture frames with the families still in them. I often think to myself that these are someone’s parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles so why didn’t someone in the family keep them?
    I think it’s sad when deceased estate furniture and personal items end up in these shops. I have a great picture of my great grandfather. He was a shepherd in Scotland and I have one of him with his Border Collie. I also have one of great grandmother (his wife) and her whole quite large family. Apparently my father was almost at the wedding so in those days obviously there were still shotguns. They are all in sepia and they are just great to have. When I die they go to my kids.

  9. That is a great picture for your Gravatar, and I’m sure no one else has it either!

    Where did you get all those old post cards from? Just curious.

    Yeah, you better hold on to those…… not many things that old that are still around.

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