The Old Country

Music by Bella Fleck



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7 responses to “The Old Country

  1. Russian influenced? Love the pictures. Some look like the areas around Hot Springs, Arkansas.

    • Several of the pictures are from Kansas! One picture from a bluff looking down, is from the Buffalo river in Arkansas….Goat’s Bluff. My Dad took me there once and we stood on that very spot. The last picture, with banjo, is of course my grandfather. I just love the song and had to do something with it. Sounds Russian/Jewish to me.

  2. Lynn

    this was a nice way to spend 3 mins on a lazy saturday morning! old photographs have always captured my imagination, wondering what life was life in the past. the music was great, i’m a big fan of the banjo anyway! 🙂

  3. Hi Cousin Tracy!
    Bella Fleck is always pushing outside the five-string banjo box… the trills he accomplishes with 3-finger style picks gives it that balalaika or mandolin sound, and the harmonic minor scale in the song gives it that “Jewish” or old world sound. By the way, Grandpa’s banjo photo is reversed– I’m sure he played right-handed!

  4. Cool video, awesome music—people were so much tougher back in the day…I always feel like a wimp when I see pictures of bearded women on horses…

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