Antique Postcards ~ The Wichita Boys

This old postcard is being posted in honor of my blogger friends from Wichita; fnord, Prariepond, and the whole bunch! Have a great day today in Wichita.

By the way, I have dozens of old postcards depicting Wichita 100 years ago. Hard to believe how beautiful the Arkansas river, and the parks along the river were back then.



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9 responses to “Antique Postcards ~ The Wichita Boys

  1. Thanks you, Sekanblogger! I love ya, man. 😉

    So Wichita doesn’t look as nice today as 100 years ago? Man has left a few footprints and forgotten to clean up after himself?

  2. wicked

    I have an entire book of postcards of Wichita. Bet the guys who put it together would be interested in what you have, Sekan. 😉

  3. Hi wicked. I see that fnord has given me the capability of posting on prariepops. When I post more Wichita cards, I’ll post them there.
    I recently bought a collection from a lady in rural Edna KS, and many are of Wichita and Salina.

    One that caught my attention was the original St. Francis hospital.

  4. I’d certainly be interested in seeing old postcards from anyplace in Kansas. Can you post a link to where they can be found? 🙂

  5. I love the history, Sekanblogger. Great card.

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