These photos are all from the May 10th deadly storm that swept through Norman Oklahoma.



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10 responses to “HAIL from HELL!

  1. Oh I truly emphasis, we had a hell hail storm several months ago and over 30,000 cars were written off 😦

  2. Wow. Never seen anything close to that. Freaky!

  3. The one that hit Wichita in the early nineties did the same thing. I was driving down 295 trying to get to a friends fathers house and had to pull over because of the hail. There were softball sized hail flying sideways. Unbelievable. Our car was the only one I saw on the freeway without any broken windows.

  4. Lynn

    good lord! we used to get hail out in colorado but i’ve never seen it this big!!

  5. Lynn

    i was scanning some internet images the other day and ran across this one. i knew right away it was you sekan!


  6. Wow. We get nothing worse than T-storms in N.E. Connecticut. No twisters, hail, or earthquakes. Just big white W.A.S.P.S, but they don’t sting . . .

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