Chief Joseph Speaks

Visions Of Leadership by Wayne Wildcat

“American Indian Leaders of the past are guiding lights for their peoples, as represented by the eagle, the supreme being of flight. Each leader has a vision. Illustrated are four noted leaders of an earlier generation: Quanah Parker, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull and Geronimo. The second row: Ada Deer, Dennis Banks, Vine DeLore, are three current leaders of our times. A young man and a young woman, represent unknown leaders of the future.”  -Don Fixico, Director, Indigenous Nations Studies Program, University of Kansas


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One response to “Chief Joseph Speaks

  1. David Miller

    I just cast my ballot in what will hopefully be my last GOP primary election. Being a realist I realised that A US Senator from Kansas was going to be a Republican and conservative but hopefully sane . Tod Tihart did not and does not meet that criteria so I voted for the Moron who has turned out to be just as much a slime bucket as Tanker Tod.
    SOS Chris Biggs estimates that turnout in this years primary will be less than 20% so an endorsement by the openly racist Tea Party Express, half time governor Sarah Palin and Karl Rove for Tihart could make a difference . Moran has the support of SC Senator Dimwit , C Street kooks and the insurance company that masquerades as a farm organization. I forgot which one got James Dobson’s Focus on the Family support (more on that in US House race) but let me say that the only good thing about this Senate race is the Republicans have spent between five and six million dollars proving that neither one is fit to serve on a sparsely populated townships Board of Trustees.
    For US Representative in the 2nd District I voted for state senator Dennis Pyle because he was not Lynn Jenkins the darling of Focus on the Family while she left her husband to shack up with a Douglas County Commissioner two years ago , a fact that Nancy Boyda refused to reveal and use in the 2008 election . After I had cast my advance ballot I received three expensive mailings from Jenkins campaign (the corporate funded one not the taxpayer funded one she spent over $440,000 mailing ) stating that Pyle (a very right wing legislator) was a 75% Democrat and was responsible for the one cent sales tax increase (he voted against it) because he voted for senate Democratic leadership budget in 2009. There are 40 seats in the Kansas Senate and only 9 are held by Democrats with 21 votes being necessary to pass a budget or tax increase. Jenkins (not her real name) claims to be an accountant but her math is fuzzy ( and when she was a state legislator she voted for massive tax increases in 2002) so she must have been a CBC corporate book cooker rather than the CPA she claims unless CPA stands for certified prostitute adulteress. Look for her to return to DC to remain Boners (Bohners) Bitch !!!
    For Governor I went for the real space cadet Joan Heffington as she cannot do the damage Brownshirt will do .
    SOS ,Ensley was the only qualified candidate but with mostly fascist leaning voters Krazy Kris Koback will do well.
    I am changing my affilation next week and I don’t know if I will be a Democrat again or an Indepentent but I definately don’t want to go to Judgement Day as a Republican …

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