Bill Stickers is a FUGITIVE!



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9 responses to “Bill Stickers is a FUGITIVE!

  1. Lynn

    funny sign but i dont get it. am i missing something? what are bill stickers? ..and dont tell me it’s a person.

  2. I believe it’s British english.
    A bill sticker would be a person who posts signs without permission.
    I think.

  3. David Miller

    I forwarded this to a friend in Wichita . He loves word play and said the song lyrics “Whose kissing her now” always made him wonder what a women’s “now” was . Does anyone have the courage to speculate . I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole.

  4. I saw Bill Stickers shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

  5. Blahaaha “bill” is another name for a advertising poster. So in other words don’t stick/paste a poster on this.

    • Shewt, leave to them Aussies. You know, it’s bad enough not being able to understand ‘english when they speak it, but even when they write it? I suppose when you use the horn on the car you are ‘laying on the hooter’? When you knock on the door you are ‘knocking me up’?

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