Redneck Plumbing!

Is that LOOSE WIRING in the SHOWER????



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12 responses to “Redneck Plumbing!

  1. I kind of like the trash can sinks, could be considered trendy in the right place 🙂

  2. I also like the trash can vanities. It’s so redneck it’s cool.

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  4. Susi Spice

    bahhahaha on loon you were right i did enjoy this post.

    it reminds me of El Salvador!! you see this kind of thing all the time everywhere haha

    • Back when I was young, I was in jail with a guy from El Salvador. Jose Luna; I always called him Joe Moon. He had a minimum wage jobe here, and that was good money to him. He sent monry to his momma, who was able to buy a home!

      • Susi Spice

        oh sekan com’n! the guy didnt get enough money from a min wage job, enough for him to survive AND send money back to buy a house… he was in jail for a reason and im thinking it had something more to do with smack, crack, mari-J, the colombians (and not coffee beans)… lol THAT is how he got enough money to buy a house for his momma

        • Hi Susi. Actually, Joe Moon never used any drug stronger than pot, and he preferred beer over pot. He worked at a local sportswear manufacturer and his arrest was for DUI. We became friends for awhile, then he moved back to Los Angeles.

  5. Lynn

    ahh these pics were great sekan. kinda reminded me of the weekends i spent at my aunt’s house in slocomb, alabama. …memories…

  6. Kelly

    I think the trash can sinks would be great used in the right place!

  7. I also like the trash can sinks. Might be nice, in say- Hooters. 🙂 By the way, come on over and check out my Stupid Things and Stuff that just Doesn’t Make Sense, and other stuff- at, if you are in the mood. Keep up the funny! 🙂

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