Redneck Auto Repairs


GEEZ, MUH-NEEZ! Any real redneck would know that the trunk should have been made out of pressure treated plywood!


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8 responses to “Redneck Auto Repairs

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    Ever been to: or

    😛 Always funny stuff from people trying to fix things.

  2. I would laugh, but I have a sunshade in my Subaru that I sewed back together … 😮

  3. Phew, glad there was no duct tape mentioned!

  4. Curiosity is the catalyst for invention. Necessity is the motivation for invention.

  5. Lynn

    oh man!! these were great…not just great- really great! reminds me of when i lived in southern alabama….

  6. David

    These repairs are genius! Hell, why buy a new car when ya can fits da one ya already got!

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