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“Howl” by Alan Ginsberg ~ for Crazy Vince

 This video is dedicated to, or in memory of, whichever would be be appropriate;

….to Vincent Morris, who at my last knowing, was holed-up in a sleazy weekly-rated motel, drinking himself to death with the cheapest booze, amidst a foggy haze of cigarettes and marijuana smoke.

Vince, my Beatnik friend, take care of yourself. Take a shower and get something to eat.

Your grandmother would want it that way….


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Happy New Year Parsons – 1924


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Happy New Year 1910!

Can you imagine what your world would have been like 100 years ago? I’m sure that New Year’s resolutions would have been very different in that time.

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Everything NOT BIGGER in Texas

 Burj-Dubai Tower reminds me of the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind, (from US to THEM) over the last 100 years.

 Does anybody remember when Texas and Oklahoma were the big oil producers in the world? I still love to visit Bartlesville Oklahoma’s Woolaroc Ranch and Frank Phillips Mansion. ~sekanblogger

Burj-Dubai Height Comparison

DUBAI versus TEXAS, ....Dubai wins.

Texas’ JPMorganChase Tower (305m/1,002f, 75 stories)

Burj-Dubai Tower

Burj-Dubai Tower

World’s tallest building, (818 meters/2,683 feet, 162 stories)

Notice the construction crane on top? Where does the guy go to pee?


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The Wonder Of You!

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Thoughts On God?

For a few thoughts on God, join my friend Jammer.

Also read this short page:

And an excerpt about an impotant concept:

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War / No More Trouble


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