MLK jr Remembered

God above is there not anything
that we might do to try and make
this world of ours a better place
for me and you.
Oh Tell me all about man
Tell me so I can understand
Tell me somebody all about wars
Please try and tell me just how much more?
Oh pray it’s not too late, Oh no
Please everybody, everybody, everybody-
Pray it’s not too late, it’s not too late
Whoa-oh Come on, yeah come on,
let out a little pray for us.
Come on, say a prayer for us please!



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5 responses to “MLK jr Remembered

  1. Who was it who said “Peace is not the absence of war”?

  2. His “I have a dream” speech is indeed up there with the speeches of Lincoln. An awesome man. What would this country be like if he never existed? I’m afraid we’d still be pulling down strange fruit from roadside trees.

  3. Shawn Fowler

    What a great man! W/out him standing up for what he believed in, I would not have the beautiful biracial family that I have today.

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