This is an old kitchen tool.


This tool was used when an Ice Box was just that, a box that held a big block of ice.

Before refrgieration, if you wanted an iced drink, it was up to you to chip or SHAVE some ice for your drink. The Iceman would come to your house with his horse and wagon full of big blocks of ice.

The bottom of the ice shave shows the steel blade, just like a wood plane.


You pull out the bottom drawer of your ice box where the block is kept, then run the ice shave across the block until you fill your shaver. Next just open the top of your ice shaver and pour your fresh shaved ice into your glass. Well, unless you are using lake ice. In that case you might just forget the ice!



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4 responses to “OLD THINGS part 5

  1. Cool picture and story. I feel a little sad that the tool has no job anymore.

  2. Thanks sekan, never saw one of those before!

  3. phyl

    thanx for the good description. what do you think a fair price to buy one would be? do you think that they are turn of the century items?

    • Thanks for your interest.
      I have seen these by various mfg.’s and priced between 30 and 50 dollars.
      I’m guessing they are at least 75 yrs old, but have not researched this.

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