This card is postmarked December 18, 1908. The front of the card is a real photograph. Being titled “A LEADING LADY” is of course a pun and reference to the fact that the subject of the photograph is leading a dog. I also wonder if the lady was famous? A silent film star? Since the card is now 101 years old, I doubt there would be much information towards identifying the lady.


If you will notice at the bottom of the picture, a copyright 1908 by the Rotograph Co. N.Y. and a series number: B2379. I have looked at the Excel spreadsheet at the website I have linked to and this one is not listed! I suppose the age alone would make this a rare find, and having it an unlisted card must make it more unusual.


As for the sender, I do not recognize. As I look at more cards, there may be some from this lady; “Your old friend Hattie”.

The recipient is familiar. I have a number of cards to Mr./Mrs. J.R. Hodges. The Ellensburg Washington address does not sound familiar though, I would have to go through more cards to see if they have moved around. Ellensburg certainly looks like a nice town in a beautiful area. And once again, notice that they NEVER use street addresses. Simply listing the recipient’s name was apprently enough 100+ years ago. The text of the message is very ordinary, “Xmas” greetings and small talk.



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5 responses to “ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ A Leading Lady

  1. Kelly Lamb

    I tried doing a search on this. I only found one thing that seemed it might have some relevance?

    The dates and NY seem to coincide, and there is quite a theatrical presence in the family. And, the Phillips family name is throughout the long blog. How did you come about these postcards?

  2. Very cool, and a nice looking little dog too.

  3. Hmm, her dress needs a good iron 🙂

  4. She looks a little like Debra Messing.

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