ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ The Unknown Hillbillies

Once again, some 100 year old postcards with no information on back except some names. For this card, I’m guessing the names are of the dogs. Unless Lila is dressed like a boy.

Lila & Burleigh

Lila & Burleigh

That’s a rather large doghouse for those two little pups! I wonder if the doghouse belongs to the dog below, who is possibly the momma dog?

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

Paw, Henry, Chas and Vernon

 Same family? Hmm? Maybe that is the two older boys, Henry and Chas here, that are with the two pups in the upper picture.

If you recognize these boys and pups….




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3 responses to “ANTIQUE POSTCARDS ~ The Unknown Hillbillies

  1. A bless the good old days when boys wore stockings and hats 🙂 Up market rednecks!

  2. Such cute photos. Makes me wish I’d lived back then. Things looked simple.

  3. Are you sure these are rednecks? Them don’t look like ball caps and I didn’t see no pickup trucks. Thanks for sending them.

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