Does anybody remember when the Kansas City Chiefs were HEROES? I DO!

It’s been about 40 years, but the team I remember best was the 1970 Chiefs team. I was 10 years old, and the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. Len Dawson, Bobby Bell and Buck Buchanan were all Hall Of Fame players.

The reason I remember these guys so well is I GOT TO MEET THEM!

 Some of the 1970 Chiefs team played some of the 1970 Miami Dolphins, right here in Parsons Kansas. No, no…not in football, IN BASKETBALL! If you can imagine a lineman the size of Buck Buchanan going to the basket,…well, let me say that people GET OUT OF THE WAY! Best of all, my Dad was one of the referees at the game and I got locker-room access. After the game, I went in the locker-room and got all the autographs on the game program. I’ve been keeping this momento ever since. Chiefs or Dolphins fans, eat your hearts out.


Ain’t Bobby Bell (lower right) just the best looking guy you’ve ever seen? I wish Len Dawson had been there. Every kid I knew wanted to be Len Dawson when he grew up.


Here’s the entire roster. I’d bet a couple of bucks that even the most hardcore football fans have NEVER seen some of these autographs!



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7 responses to “OLD THINGS part 4

  1. wicked

    Wow! I’m impressed, sekan!

    I have an old, holey t-shirt that says 1969 NFL Super Bowl Champs. Len Dawson was the best!

    I’m laughing at the related post links above. The one that says “Arrowhead Stadium: Where You’re Never Glad You Came” says it all. I’ll have to read that one. I think I’ve been there three times and nearly froze to death each time. I was there when Joe Montana was QB-ing, although he was injured for at least one game. They beat my all-time LEAST favorite team–Denver–at one of them. I still have the stuffed “Woflie” mascot I got.

    How wonderful that you have those autographs!! I’m envious.

  2. My car was born in 2001. I was born four days after the Raiders beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XV.

  3. jammer5

    Being born and raised in fair weather country, California, I followed suit. Rams, w/Elroy crazy legs Hirsch, then the Chargers (still a fan).

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