The Little Buddies

 These are some spoiled creatures that live at my house. That’s Adeline Marie on the left, and Joseph Andrew on the right; Addy and Joey.

 Addy is about 7 years old. My wife found her stray at our church on father’s day 7 years ago, and we took her in and got her ‘fixed’ right away.

 Joey is about a year old now. I picked him up as a stray where I used to work. There was a momma dog with three pups hanging around out front of the office. An unthinking girl picked Joey up and carried him inside to show everybody. When she took him back outside, the momma and other pups were gone! He was so cute and likely to just get ran over on the highway. I couldn’t stand it; I clocked out and took him home!

 They are both Daddy’s babies. I spoil them all the time. Just ask the wife and daughters!

Addy and Joey

Addy and Joey


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5 responses to “The Little Buddies

  1. They are so cute and look spoilt, Sekan. One of my favorite sayings is “The more I see some people, the more I like my dog!”

  2. bethsciallo

    I had to stop by – my eldest daughter’s name is Adelaide Marie. She’s a Daddy’s girl too. 🙂

    Glad your family has such generous hearts. These puppies are darlin’.

  3. hello addy and joey its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shoor ar kyoot!!! wen ar yoo gitting yore own blogs??? ok bye

  4. They sure look like spoilt dogs. And they look like they know it too. Life ain’t proper life without spoilt dogs

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