Artwork by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Artwork by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

In this post I will share a few of my views on blog commenting.

My hope is that people will add their thoughts on commenting and help grow this list!

You never know who is reading– Not that I’m grandiose enough to believe that the Obama staff is taking cues from me, but It’s obvious to those who keep track of ‘hits’ that many people are visiting that never comment.

Make friends and contacts– I’ve made friends by commenting that I certainly would have never met otherwise. Also, blogging is networking activity, if you want it to be. Some people who blog about business have used links to ‘sell’ themselves. When you comment on other’s blogs, and they get to know you, people will click your link to see what you post.

Hone your skills– I’m not a writer, obviously. So commenting and getting feedback is essential to my improving whatever skills I do have. If I find myself lacking ideas for new posts, I’ll visit another blog and comment. Many times my comment(s) will inspire a post. If the place I commented inspired me to be there and comment, it’s good for me to see what they do.

I find the other commentators that I like usually keep it short, concise and to the point.

Get a fresh perspective– If I always read, post and comment at the same place, with the same people all the time, I eventually start to write just like the others there. If I only echo those around me, I’ve unconsciously became scroll-over material! Being unpredictable, without being shocking or offensive, is a great way to be remembered and make an impact.

It‘s the right thing to do– When I attempted my first blog, I found myself disappointed at the lack of participation. Why? I centered my thoughts around my blog, and my blog only. I never took the time to go and comment on other’s sites. Give yourself away, if you do, you’ll get more back! But…remember what you give will come back to you. Treat others as you wish to be treated. If you do these things, I strongly believe you will get more comments yourself.  ~sekanblogger~



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3 responses to “WHY COMMENT?

  1. I have noticed that the last point very well. It wasn’t until I started finding other bloggers that I enjoyed reading and then commented there that I saw a steady stream of comments start to flow on my own blog.

    I feel bad for several webcomic writers who spend all that time and don’t get many commenters. Much of it has to do with the lack of commenting elsewhere to build a base.

  2. wicked

    Good morning, Tracy! And bear, too!

    I’ll save this place to my blog folder and try to routinely stop by. Bear’s place, too. The folder is growing, and I haven’t even had time to post on my own blog(s).

  3. Good stuff sekan. So on the points raised, I got this earlier from a blogger friend in the Philippines; http://www.muffledsolitude.com/
    It’s good reading and focuses the blogger mind brutally;
    Check it out.

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