Hand-Made Wooden Lunchbox

I’m guessing this lunch box was made in the 1930’s or 1940’s. It just looks like something from the great depression.

Hand-made lunch box

Hand-made lunch box

 Obviously a hand-made lunchbox. I suppose you could call it a “primitive”.  If you are a lunch-box collector, I would imagine this piece would be a very nice addition to your collection.

Dovetailed - slides open!

Dovetailed – slides open!

 I personally don’t think of this box as primitive, by any means. The craftsmanship is exceptional. The entire thing is solid pine. Twelve pieces very carefully cut and fitted. The dovetails slide effortlessly! The top pieces have some odd angles as well as the male dovetail slides.

Cotton strap for thermos

Cotton strap for thermos

 Notice the handy-dandy rope handle. On the inside of the top is a cotton strap to hold a milk bottle or thermos. The little latch on the end of the top holds the top and bottom together. I have no idea if this was carried to work or school, and the paper label on the top has a name penciled-in that is now unreadable. I found this at a rummage sale near Galesburg Kansas, years ago. The nice lady did not know any history behind this. I think I gave four dollars for it.


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